So who are we, exactly?

Eric The Juggler and Classy M’Lassie are large and in charge at this operation. Eric got his start in Thunder Bay, Ontario whereas Classy grew up in the wild woods of Vancouver Island, and together we met at the middle in Saskatoon. Actually no, we met in Thunder Bay.

As official founder of CirqueWorks, Eric started this whole production by deciding to capitalize on his people skills, juggling skills, and complete disregard for convention. He moved on from his career as a full-time teacher in northwest Ontario and did what most of us would do: pick up a chainsaw and start juggling. Classy M’Lassie came on board in 2013 where she quickly put her natural weirdness into good use making balloon animals and riding a tiny bicycle. Back then the business was just two people with a minivan, but these days it’s two people with a much larger van!

Together, we have taught our circus arts programs to thousands of students and entertained countless audiences at festivals, fairs, and rodeos from Ontario to Vancouver Island and everywhere in between.

We’re glad that you’ve found out about us.

And where are we?

The two of us continuously tour throughout Canada. That means we entertain and run our programs by doing a series of regional tours instead of having a stationary “home base” in one particular city. So take note: Although our phone number may be based in northwest Ontario…we aren’t.

Since 2013 we have been booked from coast to coast and right up north of the 60 degree parallel. Get in touch to find out where we are going next and how you can bring us to your event.

Here’s an idea of the places we’ve been. We have been to many more than what’s shown here…consider this a little sample.

And how are we?

We’re doing great, thanks for asking.