Classy M’Lassie is an enabler of fun. An appreciator of the intrinsically ridiculous, Classy M’Lassie uses her skills to twist a menagerie of balloon animals and to ride an impossibly tiny little bicycle. Yes, she is a woman of many impractical talents.

While making her creations, Classy M’Lassie will teach her audience a thing or two about the fine art of balloonery, and interesting facts about the animal being created. The tiny bike, a marvel of Tiny Engineering, is harder to ride than it looks and Classy M’Lassie may just invite someone to try and prove otherwise.

In a previous life Classy M’Lassie was a municipal government employee and an arts and heritage administrator, which turned out to be the ideal preparations for life in the circus biz. She now tours Canada as a Strolling Entertainer with Eric The Juggler but when she travels, thankfully it’s in a vehicle and not on the bike.